Spa Methodologies

Study International Spa Therapies at Ananda Spa Institute

No spa programme is complete without the fascinating global combine of complete wellness offered by blending the best-known therapies garnered from every corner of the world. ASI offers a comprehensive schedule of complete training programmes under the International therapies programme.

Both ancient and new age wellness programmes, recognised the world over for their therapeutic and psychological benefits, have now become an integral part of the fast growing Spa Industry.

The teaching methods used at the Ananda Spa Institute will be a balance between delivery of information and demonstrations of a procedure, hands-on practice, exercises, case studies and role-plays.

This will be acheived through :
- Explaining
- Questioning
- Demonstrating
- Collaborating
- Practice of all treatments, practical assesments and examinations.

A series of lectures explain the importance of developing a broad range of personal and professional skills and demonstrates how these can be used to allow students to achieve their full potential and complete their programme successfully.

The lectures are supported by seminars in which smaller groups of students discuss the content of the lectures, undertake exercise and group activities and receive tutorial support from the teacher. Students may be asked to prepare material for presentation and discussion in seminars.

Information Technology Skills Development
- Basic concepts of information technology
- Using computers and managing files
- Word processing / Spreadsheets & database / Power point presentations

Group Work and Oral presentation Skills
- Advantages and disadvantages of working in a group
- Group skills, roles and contribution
- Planning, preparing and delivering a presentation / Using visual aids

Getting Organised
- Introduction to information research
- Understanding assessments
- Time management
- Effective and efficient note taking

Career Planning
- Working out a career plan / creating a Personal record file
- Advantages and disadvantages / do's and don'ts for career planning
- Producing action checklists
- Researching the market / updating your plan
- Producing a CV and writing job application letters

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