Spa Methodologies

Study Ayurveda at Ananda Spa Institute

Ayurvedic science is aimed at the preservation of health and prevention of disease by establishing balance and harmony through nutrition, herbs, meditation, and daily routines. Ayurvedic science provides knowledge to unfold the reality beyond the physical body and achieve harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit. The World Health Organization recognizes Ayurveda as a complete natural health care system.

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Study International Spa Therapies at Ananda Spa Institute

No spa programme is complete without the fascinating global combine of complete wellness offered by blending the best-known therapies garnered from every corner of the world. ASI offers a comprehensive schedule of complete training programmes under the International therapies programme.

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Evaluation Process at Ananda Spa Institute

Students will be allowed to appear in the examination only on completion of minimum 80% of attendance. Besides requisite attendance, students are required to qualify in the examination held at the institute.

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Ayurvedic Spa Therapies Courses
ASI Spa Diploma

The ASI team provides 16 Week diploma in Spa and are committed to provide quality training...

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International Spa Therapies Courses
Ayurvedic Spa Therapies Diploma

This is a 8 week intensive programme designed to create Ayurveda consultants. The programme...

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Spa Certificate Courses
Ayurvedic Foundation Diploma

This is a 4 weeks programme which focuses on the basics of Ayurveda. All treatments are general...

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